Henry Schein Cares Australia Update

While Australia managed to weather the Global Financial Crisis seemingly well, the organisations who really suffered were charities. They suffered not because times were tough but because people where worried that the tough times were on their way.

Now the world is recovering but somehow Australia is looking a little flat. Is this just the doom and gloom of the evening news? It very well could be but what is more harmful to charities than the hard times themselves is the fear people have that things are crashing. Why? Natural human reaction is to go into safe mode, cut costs and donations are the first thing to go.


Henry Schein Halas have had more requests for help than ever before. They are flying in at an alarming rate. It has been lovely to see the increase of dentists volunteering their time both overseas and in Australia. Henry Schein Halas has been lucky to be able to help these dentists in their endevour by providing product for them to use.

The Henry Schein Cares program originated in the United States through our parent company Henry Schein Inc. It now runs globally and through this program we have donated millions of dollars in products, services and money. Henry Schein Halas believes that we should fulfil our social responsibility as a corporate citizen and give back to the industries and communities in which we serve. We therefore aim to assist in narrowing the gap between care that is provided and care that is needed, not only in Australia but where we can, with our neighbours as well.

Following are stories of projects we have been fortunate enough to be involved in recently. It is only a small part of what we have been doing and we hope that you enjoy these stories and actively encourage you to get envolved

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve,
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