Henry Schein Halas Helps Kick Start another Congo Dental Clinic

The Congolese border-town of Mahagi, situated only kilometres from Uganda, has a population of 100,000. It is the largest city in a sprawling grasslands province of 2 million people. Until December 2, 2010, there was no dentist. That all changed when the Administrator de la Territoire, one of the most important men in the whole of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, opened a new but still unfinished Dental Clinic which forms part of the local Anglican Churchs Medical Service.

At the opening there were 4 Sydney University final year dental students who travelled together as the second ‘Dental Safari Africa Team’. Eirian Binggeli, Jolyon Dyer, Dipika Mistry and Mary Zaky as well as new graduate Dr Aneta Neskovska and the team leader, Dr Graham Toulmin AM travelled together.

The new four-roomed clinic was built and equipped for under $10,000 and it was largely stocked with dental products donated by Henry Schein Halas. Gordon Anderson, Jessica Chasen and Andrew Hoggard have been responsible for helping Dr Toulmin get 3 dental clinics off the ground and have continued helping with supplies that cannot be found in this remote part of North Eastern Congo. The humanitarian assistance goes back over a twenty year span. For this help, the Congolese dental staff and the many patients who now have access to safe dental treatment are extremely grateful. The clinic, now functioning, will be finished as more funds become available.

Thank you Henry Schein Halas Australia for your part in making this possible!  Dr Toulmin has for the past few years been aproached by the final year students from Sydney University to allow them to participate in this program as part of their studies. Unfortunately the University has had to remove this as an option for students.
This is for safety reasons as there is a lot of turmoil in the region. The group take all the precautions they can, listen to the locals and are sensible to keep everyone safe.

Dr Toulmin more than ever now needs support in the form of volunteers, products and funds. If you are able to help in any way please contact

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