OzHarvest just keeps on going! 

OzHarvest food rescue has so far had a big year, with many exciting events and developments! We are very proud to announce that in January 2011 they expanded and are now collecting food in Adelaide! Adelaide joins their other food rescue operations in Sydney, Newcastle and Canberra. Together, every month these operations are collecting over 80 tonnes of perfectly good food that otherwise would have gone to waste, which equates to over 266,000 meals being delivered to more than 350 charities that feed those in need.


They have also launched a regional food rescue program ‘REAP’ designed to provide regional and rural areas with the know-how and resources to establish their own local food rescue program. Find out more at www.ozharvest.org and www.reap.org.au

Their wonderful volunteers who assist in every area of our operations have been as busy as ever, helping them achieve amazing results. A big shout out goes to Henry Schein Halas’s very own Boyd Pattison and Luke McKelvey, who are part of the volunteer team. Boyd and Luke both do so much for OzHarvest, it is always wonderful to see their smiling faces (and we must say they look pretty good in their bright yellow
OzHarvest t-shirts!)


Henry Schein Halas has pledged continuing financial support
to the program as well as providing product where needed.
We actively encourage everyone to get behind the program.
If you are interested please call (02) 9516 0587.

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